Understanding the Web of Pornography

Let me speak to your heart for a moment

Dear soul,

Let me speak to your heart for a moment…

I’m not here to condemn you, or to judge where you have been. I understand just how easy it is to get caught in the web of pornography. Temptation is everywhere. It’s an issue that we are all faced with. Daily we are enticed by what we see on television, in the movies, or on the internet.

It may seem like a little thing to look at that which is pleasing to the eye. The trouble is, looking turns into lusting, and lusting is a desire that is never satisfied.

Satan knows our temptations.

He uses beautiful images and seductive thoughts to entice us into his web. We become intrigued. Our interest leads us into a seemingly harmless path, until it becomes a stronghold in our life.

Satan sees our struggle

He laughs at us deliriously! “Art thou also become as weak as we? God can’t reach you now, your soul is beyond His reach.”

Many die in its entanglement

Others question their faith in God. “Have I wandered too far from His grace? Will His hand reach down to me now?”

Our weakest moments are when we’re lonely

We’re enticed by our own lustful thoughts. We flirt with temptation when we should flee. “What harm will it do?” we say to ourselves convincingly. Its moments of pleasure are dimly lit, as loneliness sets in having been deceived. No matter how far into the pit you have fallen, God’s grace is greater still.

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